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World Energy & Environmental News

ADM-Carbon Reduction Targets

To establish the targets in order to contribute to climate neutrality, a feasibility study has been conducted by ADM in partnership with WSP Global an engineering professional services..

Bangladesh, Biomass Reforms

Bangladesh is one of the leading developing countries playing increasingly important role in global energy market, to align with the UN pledge of achieving targets of sustainable development goals for reaching climate neutrality.

Biomass to Replace Marine Diesel Fuels

In order to switch towards fossil fuels to economically and ecologically sustainable energy sources particularly using them for marine transport and heavy equipment.

Emergence of Electronic Transport

Transport sector in India is the second-largest sector in consuming energy after industries and the energy is obtained through high polluting oils.

Solar Power Boom in Vietnam

In pursuit of safe energy, transition countries are striving to reduce carbon emission and combating climate change by developing solar energy

Using Yeast for Biomass

Increased demand for yeast-related products forced the production and optimization of industrial yeast biomass.

Coal Switch Plant impacted by Covid-19

AEG to enter into the saw logging export market and commencement of operations on main site at Lumberton, North Carolina. This will further improve the revenue opportunities for the company.